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Walk in Her Shoes

Modern day St. Paul bears little resemblance to it’s 1906-self. Metal skyscrapers glint in the sunlight, casting shadows on the scattered red and beige brick buildings from a century before.  Asphalt and light-rail tracks cover the old stone pavers and iron streetcar grooves. Gone is the horse and buggy. Gone are newsboys hawking the daily … Continue reading

Modern Alexandria

I’ve rhapsodized about libraries before, but the launch of the Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) on April 18 deserves independent tribute. The brainchild of countrywide scholars and librarians, the DPLA has been called the modern day library of Alexandria. The site operates as a portal through which users can access all types of media … Continue reading

An Affair to Remember

Not since The Da Vinci Code have I read a thriller woven so deftly between past and present as The Columbus Affair by Steve Brady.

This novel reimagines the motivation behind Columbus monumental voyage across the Atlantic in 1492. A Jewish converso in a time of renewed inquest against non-Christians, he sets sail hoping to find religious tolerance in East Asia. With him he carries the temple treasures, four sacred objects the Romans ransacked from Jerusalem in 70 CE.

Fast forward to modern day where religious fanatics seek to discover the hidden resting place of Columbus’ treasure in the jungles of Jamaica and a thrilling adventure of historic clues and shifting alliances unfold. Continue reading

Nuclear Testing and My First Publication

Big news on Monday! I found out my short story “Proving Ground” will be published this spring in Writers Bloc IV (a biennial anthology of local writers). It’s sponsored by the Henderson Writers Group, but National University judges the submissions. This is my first official publishing credit (now I actually have something to include in … Continue reading