Posted in June 2014

Self-editing for Fiction Writers

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers By Renni Browne & Dave King (Collins Publishers, 288 pp.) Rating: ✍✍✍✍✍ Audience: Fiction writers Scope: Editing and craft development Overview: If I had to recommend one book to writers, this might be it. I’ve underlined and dog-eared almost every page. This isn’t a book about punctuation or line-editing (although there … Continue reading

The Measure of Success

In writing, as oft in life, we set out chasing a specific goal. Mine? To be traditionally published. Penguin, Hachette, Macmillan—any of the “big five” publishers will do. It’s a lofty goal, to be sure, even a bit antiquated in today’s world of self-publishing. And it’s not without a touch of vanity. Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading