Upcoming Contest: Pitch Madness!

***The March 2014 Pitch Madness contest has closed. It’s a semiannual event held each March/September***

Got a complete manuscript? Head over to Brenda Drake’s website and check out her latest contest PITCH MADNESS.

Cost: Free!

Requirements: Though you’ll submit only a 35 word pitch and the first page of your novel, your manuscript must be complete and unpublished. Fiction only. Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade of any genre accepted.

How it Works: On Monday, March 10 follow the guidelines on Brenda Drake’s website and submit your material. Slush readers will pick 60 entries to move on the agent round starting March 18. Over a dozen agents  have signed up to read through the finalists’ pitches and request more material from the ones they like!

Details of the contest and the participating agents are laid out on–you guessed it–Brenda Drake’s website. So perfect your pitch, polish your first 250 words, and let the madness begin!


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