Spring Awakening

Spring is here and this blog has officially awakened from hibernation!

Sleeping bearI’ve done a lot more than sleep these past months (although, let’s be honest, I did a lot of that too).  Of greatest note, I finished the first draft of my second novel. The working title is Learn Away the Indian and it comes in at a trim 97,051 words.  If I had the agent of my dreams cornered in an elevator (just ignore the alarm bell—we’re fine, really), here’s how I would describe the book:

A historical novel about the well-intended Native American boarding schools of the late 19th century and their lasting, deleterious effect on the children’s cultural identity.

I’ve also read a handful of books. Some were great. Some were too long (I’m talking to you, Salman Rushdie). Some were plain boring (Salman Rushdie, et al). These I recommend:

A Visit From the Goon Squad Jennifer Egan

Swamplandia! by Karen Russell (It’s fun just to say the name!)

A Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (there’s one off my 2013 bucket list)

Aside from these pursuits, my main focus has been the upcoming Las Vegas Writer’s Conference. Last year, my first time I attending such an event, I was so nervous it’s a miracle I didn’t wring my fingers clear off! This year, I’m going for a more Zen approach. And I promise not hold any agents hostage in the elevators.


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