Book Signings, Farmers Markets, and My First Check

Truman Capote said, “A boy has to peddle his book.” And he was right. Authors must be both salespeople and artists.  That is, if they want to eat.

 For me, this is a hard duality to inhabit. I’m an introvert, shy, timid, and sensitive.  A hermitage suits me far better than a sales lot.

 But, I started this journey with the understanding, the belief, that life is about pushing beyond the boundaries of comfort. Do something that scares you, I said to myself.

 And so I did; so I am, in small, nerve-racking steps. Here’s a look:

The book launch for Writers Bloc IV, the short story anthology in which my story Proving Ground appears.

The book’s many authors.

Selling my book at the Farmers Market.

Here’s the reward: My first Check!


For anyone interested, I’ll continue to be at the Country Fresh Farmers Market for the next few Thursdays, peddling my book. 9am-4pm. 240 Water Street, Henderson, NV. Hope to see you there!


15 thoughts on “Book Signings, Farmers Markets, and My First Check

  1. Do you want to peddle a copy of the book my way? I can’t come to the Farmer’s Market… but I think we could work something out! 🙂

  2. Yeah! Now you’re a professional writer! I think it’s great that you’re at the farmer’s market (and also unbelievable that you still have an operating farmer’s market this late in the year; I guess it’s not cold there yet)

    • Yeah, can you believe it? A farmer’s market in Vegas! We actually have several. Of course, all the produce comes from CA, but there are lots of local vendors too – honey, pistachios, crafts…This market is open year round. But we’re more fair-weather birds, so once it get’s too cold (or HOT, in the summer) we cut out. 🙂

      • Not all the produce comes from CA. Gilcrease Orchards grows apples, pears, pumpkins, and other things too. Bon breads is a great bakery, has a small store in Town Square, and has a stand on Tuesdays in the Gardens Park.

        • No, you’re right. I was only speaking of the vendors I’ve seen at this market. I’ve been to that bakery in Town Square–so good! There are a couple of really great bread stands at the Country Fresh Market too. And one vendor who sells delicious hummus!

    • Thanks! I’m really glad that you liked it. I wrote it only as a short story (the ending is vague, I know), although the time and setting fascinate me. Someday I’d like to write a full length novel about the test site.

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