Posted in August 2012

Making the Most of Mistakes

As much as I labor over the big decisions in my life—listing out pros and cons, weighting each option, forecasting probable outcomes—I’ve made a few bad choices. Life can exceed or foil expectation.

Of course, I don’t recognize that I’ve made the wrong decision in media res—otherwise, I’d correct course. It’s only after I’ve turned the key, revved the engine, and sped away that I realize I’m wheeling down a one-way street toward a four-foot thick cement wall. Continue reading


Obey the Rules or Break them Well

Rules for the writer abound in every craft source. Writers groups, blogs, journals, and books berate newbies with axioms and strictures. Don’t use passive voice. Avoid “as”, “was”, and any world ending in “ly”. Watch out for dangling modifiers and chunky sentence construction.

After spending countless hours trying to vanquish these demons in my own writing (though I do give myself a little leeway in the this blog), I cringe whenever I see them in other’s. Continue reading

Olympic Lessons

Beyond watching the Opening Ceremonies and making an occasional inquiry about medal counts, I’ve never been particularly interested in the Olympics. But when my husband recorded twelve straight hours of this year’s games, erasing all my backlogged episodes of House Hunters and Drop Dead Diva, I found myself watching and loving this global spectacle. More importantly, I’ve found wisdom and inspiration in the discipline, courage, elation, and heartbreak these athletes display. Continue reading