Posted in July 2012

New Beginnings

I’m back at the beginning. I have loosed my creativity and thrown grammar and form to the wind. And I love it!

My first novel is complete (until an interested editor tells me otherwise, that is) and I’ve constructed the framework of my second novel in a forty-eight page outline. I’ve researched, drawn up character and setting sketches, and even mapped out on graph paper a blueprint of the house in which the novel

Now I’m into the fun part: writing! Continue reading


Success Happens

It’s easy to feel discouraged in the tumultuous, über-competitive world of writing and publishing. With rejection letters clogging your inbox or “Chapter 1” trailing across the top of an otherwise blank screen, success seems elusive.

But it does happen.

Consider Oksana Marafioti. Yesterday was the launch party for her first book—a memoir entitled American Gypsy. Continue reading

I ♥ Research

An hour’s drive outside of Green Bay, nestled amid towering pines, lies an unassuming building. Casting shadows on the log facade, three flags dance in the wind – the stars and strips of Old Glory, the blue banner of Wisconsin, and a red and white flag bearing the great seal of the Menominee Nation. Ostensibly, … Continue reading