ABC Award and Other Updates


Two weeks ago, Shannon at isleofbooks honored me with the ABC award. I’m super excited as it’s my first blogging award. I promise to work hard to live up to the complement of awesome content.

The recipient of the award is to list 26 alphabetical things about themselves then pass it on. So here are the ABC’s of me:

A – adventure seeking
B – bookish
C – considerate
D – day-dreamer
E – emotional
F – foodie
G – girly
H – humanist
I – imaginative
J – judging (according to the Myers-Brigs anyways)
K – kinesthetic
L – liberal
M – moody (just ask my husband)
N – nurturing
O – opinionated
P – punctual
Q – quirky
R – reserved
S – sensitive
T – timid
U – unassuming
V – verbose
W – wanderlust
X – xeric (I live in the desert, after all)
Y – generation Y
Z – zoophilious

The five blogs I wanted to pass on this award to are as follows: – Awesome photography! – Awesome food! – Awesome weddings! – Awesome adventures! – Awesome all around!

An unrelated aside: I recently attended the Las Vegas Writer’s Conference. I learned a ton, met numerous great aspiring authors, and even pitched my novel to a few agents. Three agents/publishers requested sample pages of my book! I’m bracing for the first rejection and simultaneously hoping for wild success.


6 thoughts on “ABC Award and Other Updates

  1. Congratulations on your blog award! It’s always enjoyable to read what you have to say. Good luck with the agents.

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