Posted in May 2012

In Search of Self-Discipline

Floating on my back in the Cosmo pool, sunlight glittering off the towering casinos, palm trees and cabanas in my periphery, I realized I could use a hefty dose of self-discipline.

A mastermind of excuses, I have a litany of extenuating circumstances that keep me from sitting down and confronting the blank white page of my computer screen. The trouble is, none of these excuses are really any good.

So today I’m renewing my commitment to a disciplined life.
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We Regret to Inform You…

It’s happened. My first rejection letter came zipping into my inbox this week.

“I don’t feel I’m quite the right agent for your project. I’m regretfully going to pass.”—A very nice, albeit canned, way of saying “Your novel SUCKS.” Continue reading

Ever-present Love

For my mother’s recent birthday, each member of the family came up with fifteen memories of special times we shared with her. We wrote these on origami paper, folded them into flowers, and presented her the bouquet at champagne picnic.

Almost as difficult as working these small squares of paper into something vaguely resembling a rose or lily was picking the memories themselves. It’s not for lack fond times to draw upon Continue reading

ABC Award and Other Updates

Two weeks ago, Shannon at isleofbooks honored me with the ABC award. I’m super excited as it’s my first blogging award. I promise to work hard to live up to the complement of awesome content.

The recipient of the award is to list 26 alphabetical things about themselves then pass it on. So here are the ABC’s of me:

A – adventure seeking
B – bookish
C – considerate
D – day-dreamer
E – emotional
F – foodie Continue reading