Literary Prima Donna

This morning my husband called me a Literary Prima Donna. Don’t mistake this for being book-savvy. That’s not how he meant it, and truly I’m just a dilettante.

No, he was referring the temperamental and petulant sense of the word.  The conversation went like this:

ME. I’m not loving The Marriage Plot like I thought I would.

HIM. So stop reading it.

ME. (with a dramatic sigh) If only I could.

HIM. Ummm…I think you can.

ME. I can’t. It’s already mentioned on my blog. (I know you’re all waiting with baited-breath for my review.)

HIM. You’ve turned into a literary prima donna.

***This from a man who owns three different translations of The Aeneid—only one of which he’s read, btw.***

HIM. (pointing to a metallic orange paperback on the bedside table) And what’s this?

ME. (sheepishly) Lover Revealed…I treated myself to some vampire romance after slogging through after a few pages The Marriage Plot.

Okay, so I do sound a little petulant. But can I help it if I’m playing “find the verb” in a 55 word sentence on the second page of the novel?

At first, I thought the author sympathized with his protagonist’s struggle against her verbose and pedantic classmates, but after trudging through countless pages of literary name-dropping and turbid linguistic philosophy, I decided he just wanted to parade his own intelligence. (I said that in 40 words and had the decency to include a verb).

It did remind me fondly of my own befuddled adventure with PHI 437: Philosophy and Language. I sat in the back of the class with glassy eyes and scraped out an A by parroting back what the professor said without any true comprehension of my own…

To be fair, I’m only on page 50 of The Marriage Plot. I still have hope that this New York Times notable book will blossom into something wonderful. Perhaps those of you who’ve read it can offer encouragement.

In the mean time, a little paranormal romance never hurt anyone…


6 thoughts on “Literary Prima Donna

  1. Life is too short to waste your time on a crappy book. 50 pages is more than enough time to intrigue someone. I say you’ve read at least 40 pages too much if you’re not enjoying it yet.
    Also, there is no shame in good ole fashion vampire fantasy. 🙂

    • That’s a very good point. Every so often I’ll come across a phrase or sentence in The Marriage Plot that stuns me with its beauty, its perfection. But you’re right, life is short. I don’t know if there are enough of these gems to sustain me through hundreds of pages of otherwise uninspiring prose.

      I don’t know why I view my paranormal romance novels as a guilty pleasure. I shouldn’t. I write genre fiction myself. You want to inspire your readers, to challenge them, but ultimately you want your reader to enjoy what you write – that’s what keeps them coming back.

      I do recommend the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for anyone looking for some sultry pleasure reading. I’m on the forth novel of the series and have no intention of stopping until I’ve devoured them all!

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