Posted in February 2012

Invasion of Doubt

Today doubt plagues me.

My novel is too short (76,000 words when it should be closer to 90,000-125,000). It has shades of many sub-genres—medieval, romantic, low fantasy—but none fit like the proverbial glass slipper. It lacks originality. If I changed the setting and spiced-up the plot with erotic undertones it would read like Kushiel’s Dart by Jacqueline Carey.

Doubt happens to the best of us, right? Continue reading


Literary Prima Donna

This morning my husband called me a Literary Prima Donna. Don’t mistake this for being book-savvy. That’s not how he meant it, and truly I’m just a dilettante.

No, he was referring the temperamental and petulant sense of the word. The conversation went like this: Continue reading

Nuclear Testing and My First Publication

Big news on Monday! I found out my short story “Proving Ground” will be published this spring in Writers Bloc IV (a biennial anthology of local writers). It’s sponsored by the Henderson Writers Group, but National University judges the submissions. This is my first official publishing credit (now I actually have something to include in … Continue reading

Do Something that Scares You

Almost a year ago, I began writing my first novel. I intended to create a blog simultaneously as part of my author’s platform (that all-important self-marketing tool agents, editors, and writing magazines always trumpet).

Fast-forward 322 days: I’ve handed off my manuscript to beta readers, researched potential agents and editors, drafted a query letter, outlined my next novel, written two short stories and one personal essay, cataloged my writing magazines, reorganized my closet, cleaned the dishes, vacuumed, dusted…

Okay, I watch a little TV now and then, too. Who can resist Downton Abbey and Criminal Minds?

The glaring omission, of course, is starting a blog. Continue reading